Certainty for your enterprise


Especially in business insurances, the basis on which everything is built on is extremely important. Without a solid analysis, the whole package sticks together like grains of sand. All those who start up their own company or who take over a business, have every reason to investigate the topic insurances. 

induver has product managers who only have one main activity: mapping out the business risks. These risks are accurately listed and analysed. By this you can exactly estimate which insurances are needed. The financial repercussions are also clear: how much is the deductible, how much of your own financial reserves do you have to build up or keep, etc.

Furthermore, induver considers prevention of paramount importance. The service 'Risk supervision and legal insurance advice' counsels companies with the prevention of incidents, accidents and damage claims. Risks and loss statistics are investigated with the management team; from then on targeted actions are set up.

induver also offers solutions for risks in foreign countries and made-to-measure services.

Induver. You lead, we counsel.


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