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An agreeable acquaintance 


Business insurances? Plenty of offers. Even on the internet. However, how sure are you then that...

the broker is really familiar with business risks?

the coverages are not too stringent but not too ample either?

the intermediary will defend your interests?

you can rely on local experts?


induver insures companies, careers and families.


'An objective made-to-measure advice' is a determined choice since 1990 and since then also our main activity.

By that choice, we understand this field more than anybody else. We can estimate exactly what you need, nothing more and nothing less. Starting from this idea, we choose the best insurance solution for you. Our many years of experience were also useful for the development of policy packages by sector. The result: custom-tailored advice.

Our expansion proves we made the right choice. With 3 branch offices in Antwerp, Ghent and Hasselt and 100 experts, we are among the top 10 of independent insurance brokers in Belgium. More and more managers think Induver is valuable for their business. For you too? Sure it is! 

induver. You're an enterpreneur, we insure.


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