Jurgen Mesens – Project developer of commercial real estate

As a project developer of commercial real estate, helps companies grow. The thoughtfully realized business parks offer a place where entrepreneurs can work together and inspire each other, because believes in the strength of a solid network for companies. They appreciate that Induver, as a broker, also contributes to the strengthening of their own network.

‘Sjarel, CEO at Induver Antwerp, is willing to open his own network for us. If he sees an opportunity, or can make a connection somewhere, he will do so’, says Jurgen Mesens, CFO at  ‘For us, this is proof that the collaboration with Induver goes beyond the pure services of a broker. They know our sector, understand our needs and look ahead with us. Induver is a very enterprising partner.’

Jurgen explains that the proactive approach is also evident from the efficient workflow that was set up. ‘When starting new projects, we use a convenient framework. We do not have to fill in a new file every time. As a result, the administration for concluding new Construction All Risk policies is almost automatic.’

As CFO, Jurgen wants to be sure that all risks are covered. ‘Insurance is something of a necessary evil, but you want to be able to rest easy as a project developer. Damage to buildings, such as from a storm, can happen at any time. Thanks to their many years of expertise in the real estate sector, Induver is able to properly assess the risks for us. We can count on hands-on advice, and they will inform us in good time if a package can be financially optimized. We sit down together every quarter. This ensures that everything is always on point.

‘In addition, in contract negotiations between lessee and lessor, for example, Induver is always willing to act as a technical expert and sometimes also as a mediator. Induver proposes solutions that are acceptable to both us and the counterparty.

Companies can rent, lease or buy units in our business parks, and we also develop tailor-made buildings under the name “build to suit”. We find it extremely valuable that we can rely on our broker for these very different contracts.

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