Insurance in the construction sector is a complex matter. After all, as a builder, contractor, architect or construction company, you have a lot of responsibilities. You are not only involved in many (construction) technical and budgetary choices, you also have to deal with numerous regulations, requirements and legal obligations.

It is therefore no simple thing to properly estimate all the risks, and that is exactly where Induver supports you. Tailored to your risks and taking into account your preferences and wishes, we provide the right insurance, so you can build your future with certainty.

You can contact Induver for your:

Occupational accident insurance

You protect your employees from the consequences of possible accidents at work, on the way there and during the return journey home.

Construction All Risk Insurance

This insurance is sometimes described as ‘the comprehensive insurance for construction sites’. By insuring the entire project in a single ‘all risk’ policy, it is no longer necessary to look for the liable party in the event of damage. This not only prevents difficult (legal) discussions but also allows you to benefit from quick and efficient claims settlement by your trusted broker.

Machinery breakdown/land equipment

This is all risk insurance for your work equipment, construction vehicles without a number plate and other industrial machinery that you use on the construction site. These are often important investments that together form the backbone of your company. It is therefore essential that they are well insured.

Screening contracts

Are you about to conclude a contract? You can count on Induver then as well. We are happy to assist you with personal advice and provide you with insight into the scope of certain liability and/or insurance clauses and requirements. Finally, we tailor your policy to the final contract, so you are reassured and well insured.

And much more...

and all other possible insurance solutions that your activities might require...

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At Induver, we know what keeps our clients awake at night. To relieve your concerns as much as possible, we develop our own Induver products.

Are you likely to regularly transport your own purchased materials and/or machines?

Then you are always well insured with our Own Goods Policy (EGP). Machines such as a sawing machine, a laser plummet or other large or small equipment with which you drive around are often essential for the proper performance of your activities within your company. During transport, they can be damaged or even stolen. That is precisely why it is important to insure your goods for the value they have.

If you would like more information,
don’t hesitate to contact us.

Are you looking for comprehensive insurance for your construction site?

Thanks to our Induver Construction All Risk Insurance, the continuity of your construction site is assured. Are you responsible for multiple construction sites? Then we insure them in the form of an open cover.

If you would like more information,
don’t hesitate to contact us.

Would you like to insure yourself against (severe) machinery breakdown?

The IMAP product insures the machines that are critical for your company and/or activities. This insurance protects you against any business interruption without jeopardizing the turnover of your organization.

If you would like more information,
don’t hesitate to contact us.

Fire insurance for when your construction project is almost completed?

Is your construction site no longer a site? Then the time has come to take out fire insurance so that the future of your project is also in good hands. Our Property Insurance offers numerous possibilities, adapted to the needs of your building.

If you would like more information,
don’t hesitate to contact us.


risk analysis
Through mutual consultation, we map the bottlenecks within the company. Based on this, we provide a tailor-made solution

prevention management
We detect potential risks and provide a global prevention policy adapted to the company in which you operate.

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