Risk analysis

Mapping your risks

Within your company, it is important to be aware of all the risks that you may face. Thanks to our risk analysis, we provide insight into the risk profile of your organization. Your damage history and financial capacity are decisive here. We analyse your options and provide the right insurance(s) with the right deductible(s).

Over the past 30 years, we have gained knowledge and experience in various sectors. As a result, you can count on enlightening insights today, adapted to your activities. We assure you of the best insurance for your company.

Leave your risks to us.

Request your risk analysis here

I am a client of induver
We welcome you on this website as a client of Induver. As you know, we always strive for excellent service, and our more than 100 professionals are always at your disposal.
I am an entrepreneur
As an entrepreneur, you want to devote your time to your commercial activities; we understand that all too well. Your situation is unique for us; a tailor-made solution is what we provide.
I am responsible for the insurance policies
Insurance solutions tailored to your personal needs within the organization in which you operate? You can count on that with Induver.
I want to work at induver
At Induver, we are always looking for new Induverians. Discover our open positions, and who knows, we might welcome you into our team soon.

Our tailor-made solutions let you rest easy

In a changing world, the right insurance forms a solid foundation for your company and employees. Our team of more than 100 experts ensures maximum support at all times so that you maintain a complete overview.


Worrying about your insurance.
Leave the worries to us.

risk analysis
Through mutual consultation, we map the bottlenecks within the company. Based on this, we provide a tailor-made solution

prevention management
We detect potential risks and provide a global prevention policy adapted to the company in which you operate.

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