When we first meet, we are of course curious about your company, and your personal account manager will be happy to come to you. But of course you are always more than welcome in one of our offices. That lets you get acquainted with the claims manager(s) and advisor(s) during one visit. We zitten nationaal op 3 locaties. Ontdek hier onder meer over elk kantoor.

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One account manager will be assigned to you. Your account manager is supported by a team of specialists. You may choose to only communicate with your account manager, but experience shows that you will soon find your way to your specialist advisors. After all, we invest in our own experts, so that we are the best possible point of contact for you.

You will see your insurance broker as often as you like. During our first introduction, we map your personal needs and expectations. That ensures that the further cooperation will proceed the way you prefer.

You always have access to your file via MyBroker. Here you can consult your full insurance file, 24/7.

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You can reach Induver at any time of the day by phone or email. (Any changes to office hours can be found here.) Because we work closely together, we can respond quickly to your request. You have your account manager’s mobile number, and they are also available outside office hours.

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At Induver, we are fully aware of the importance of personal collaborations. That is why collaboration between Induver and other brokers is possible. This ensures that your personal relationships will also remain intact.

As soon as you have given your approval or mandate, Induver will handle everything for you. You do not have to worry about anything else. The lead time depends on the work of the insurer, whose speed and correct handling we can only influence to a limited extent. Of course, Induver ensures close monitoring so that everything can be taken care of as soon as possible. Do you have questions about the expected timeframe? You may always submit those to your file manager.

Absolutely. As soon as you receive a confirmation of coverage from us, you are insured. When you pay the premium, the previous period is included. The lead time can sometimes increase because we are dependent on the speed of the insurer. We often also depend on the speed and correct handling of your insurer for the delivery of your policy (insurance contract).

You can always contact your account manager or file manager. You can also make a report online via MyBroker. We proactively monitor every claim file. You can always monitor the progress online. Once you have submitted a claim, you will always receive a confirmation email from us. We will preferably provide you with a periodic update of all your claims, so you are always informed.

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No. Before taking any action, it is advisable to always consult with your account manager or your claims manager. That way you will not risk jeopardizing the further smooth handling of your claim.

That depends on the claim. Are large amounts involved? And can you not continue your activities without compensation? Be sure to contact your account manager, so we can discuss how we can help you.

Certainly. You must always report a change in your activities to your insurance broker. The activities not included in your liability insurance are not insured.

In the event of any uncertainties or questions, your account manager or file manager will always be your point of contact. They have the right knowledge and expertise to explain any change or answer any question as clearly as possible.

At Induver, we provide periodic monitoring so that we can monitor your changing needs as well as possible and adjust them where necessary. Thanks to the expertise we have built up over the past 30 years, we can always provide a sound estimate. We take the interests of your company to heart.

Entrepreneurship involves risks. That is why it is important to be aware of this, so that you are aware of possible situations and your company can prepare for them. This makes a risk analysis extremely valuable and indispensable.

The activities within a company are always changing. That is why we perform prevention management based on the needs of the client. An interim or periodic evaluation is possible. For fleets of vehicles, we can provide a periodic PIN view (personal insurance view), which gives an overview of the state of pending claims. Who or what are the causes? How did an incident occur at a given location? We provide answers to the events within your company. So that you can draw your own conclusions and take action in the interests of your company and employees.

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