Sofie Mussen

Project developer LIFE focuses on the development of real estate that colours both city life and the lives of the people who live and work in it. Collaborating with the environment, with an eye for beauty and details is paramount at LIFE. For their wide range of conversion projects at exceptional locations, including in Belgium and the Netherlands, LIFE was looking for a broker who could work with them.

‘Being able to keep the space for our creative approach in line with our unique projects is important to us’, says Sofie, Junior Legal Counsel at LIFE since 2018.  ‘Our innovative concepts mean that we sometimes have to think out of the box. We greatly appreciate the fact that Induver is able to creatively collaborate with us without losing sight of the fact that everything is sufficiently insured. The people at Induver clearly have the necessary expertise. They understand what we mean.’

‘In addition, they have also introduced us to the various insurance policies that are important for our company. Induver, for example, organized a number of training courses that were very useful both for the managers of the insurance portfolio and for the project managers. In a few sessions, at their office but also at our office, the basic principles were explained.

We have chosen to centralize our entire insurance portfolio with one main broker, ranging from Property and Construction All Risk to Hospitalization and Cyber.  Induver showed that they know how to deal with the complexities of our sector, such as the particulars of the various construction yards.’

For the various insurance portfolios she manages for the construction projects and internal operation of LIFE, Sofie is in frequent contact with the people of Induver.

‘The close contact makes it pleasant for us to work together. Communication runs smoothly. For example, I can call anytime. If I have a question about whether something urgently needs to be followed up, the people of Induver are always available by telephone. Sometimes, we need to be able to act quickly in our sector. It is nice that we can rely on the expertise of Induver in such situations. In turn, they are able to adapt to our needs and working methods. Because Induver understands how we work at LIFE, we come up with concrete and coherent solutions together. The solution-oriented approach and accessibility of Induver plays a decisive role for us.’

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