Grete Remen

Grete Remen from Damhert has also joined forces with Induver. ‘Damhert is currently in full growth, so it is more important than ever that we can continue to focus on our core business: the development, production and distribution of healthy food to the retail channel. The need for a broker to follow Damhert’s evolution closely was met by our partnership with Induver, which, thanks to its personal approach, offers tailor-made solutions for our domestic and foreign branches. In addition, Induver has the technical know-how of complex foreign legislation and works with us in every area in a solution-oriented way’, says Grete.


Account manager Jan Klok was closely involved with the fire damage at Damhert. ‘That same night, Induver was contacted, and in the morning, we brought together both the decision makers of the insurers and the various experts on site. In consultation with Grete Remen and Geert Schoofs, an action plan was drawn up to get Damhert back into operation as quickly as possible. We seized the bull by the horns and appointed a company specialized in repair after fire and water damage. The day after the fire, they started the cleaning and repair work. A go was also given for the rental of mobile office units and the purchase of new IT equipment.’


‘On Friday, we already had an advance of 150,000 euros in our account’, Grete remembers. ‘After the weekend, our company was almost 100 percent back in operation, and the smoke-filled warehouses had been completely cleaned.’ Geert chimes in: ‘The Induver team is a well-oiled machine, springing into action quite quickly. On Monday, our staff were all able to get back to work in the temporarily installed office units. Thanks to our All Risk Electronics policy, we had brand-new computers and printers in just a week. Two weeks after the fire, everything was cleaned up, and the office buildings were completely stripped.’ Due to the close involvement, resilience and commitment of entrepreneurs Grete and Geert and their staff, in combination with good insurance policies and guarantees, a very constructive synergy arose between all the parties, which resulted in a smooth claims settlement.


The detailed calculation of the loss of the merchandise, the material damage and the loss of business shows how well the various insurance policies had been drawn up. Lost and damaged merchandise was fully reimbursed, as well as the disposal and destruction costs. ‘Due to the continuous and direct communication between client and broker on the one hand and experts and insurers on the other hand, the material damage was already definitively budgeted and settled in April’, Philip Vanstiphout, managing director of Induver, confirms. ‘It has once again become apparent that the smooth and correct settlement of damage stands or falls with good policies and guarantees, as well as how important it is to provide good advice and professional service as a broker. That is something we want to continue to distinguish ourselves with as Induver. Finally, I would like to thank our people, the insurers, the experts, but certainly also Grete and Geert, for their approach and taking the appropriate steps.’

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