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Material damage – the ‘fire insurance’

Your business assets deserve good protection. After all, there are many unforeseen events that can cause great material damage, such as the damage caused by a lightning strike, a spring storm or flooding.

It is therefore not just about covering the risk of an industrial fire.

After all, a fire policy for special risks is an extremely modular product that can be adjusted according to your needs, the relevant business sector, the materials used, the prevention present…

This makes it possible to opt for extensions such as theft, natural disasters, but also certainly business interruption.

A classic formula can be chosen in which the insured guarantees are listed or for ‘all risks’ coverage.

Business interruption

A very important extension to the fire policy is business interruption insurance.

After all, taking out fire insurance is only the first link in adequate risk management.

If there is a claim in which there has been considerable material damage to the business assets, this often results in a significant decline in turnover and a forced temporary closure of the business. (While the fixed costs continue to run…)

In other sectors, the activity does not immediately cease, but important additional costs must be incurred for, for example, the rental of buildings and equipment.

Business interruption insurance can cover a large part of the fixed costs, absorb the loss in turnover, bear additional costs necessary for the resumption and continuation of activities, reimburse the loss of wages suffered by key personnel in order to prevent them from leaving the company…

The elaboration of business interruption insurance always involves tailor-made work for your company.

Machinery breakdown

Despite good quality, regular maintenance and inspection, a machine is highly vulnerable. Sudden failure or damage to the machine may cause complete or partial shutdown of production. The financial consequences can therefore be extensive.

You can insure your mobile and fixed devices against damage caused by external and internal causes (e.g. short circuit, overheating, installation errors etc.)

If your business continuity depends on the proper functioning of one or more machines, you can also insure the financial consequences of a machinery breakdown by means of Business interruption after Machinery breakdown’ coverage.

A good machinery breakdown insurance is tailored to your company.

Assembly and testing

An assembly and testing insurance covers the assembly risks at the construction site and in factories of individual machines, metal structures, mechanical and electrical machines and devices… during the first assembly on site where it was produced, during transport, during assembly at the final location and during the testing period.

Construction all risk

A site under construction: a multitude of different parties, heavy machinery, complex techniques and a tight deadline. A construction project always involves a lot of risks and unfortunately accidents or incidents can easily happen. Once the debris is cleared and the damage estimated, the hassle really begins. The question then is: Who is liable for this damage, and who will compensate it?

A centralized insurance approach to the entire project is the key to success for all your sites.

A Construction All Risk insurance is always tailored to your site or company.


You can take out all risk insurance for all your fixed and mobile electronic equipment, even without an inventory of all your devices. (Incl. theft, vandalism and malice)

  • Theft
  • Money and valuables

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