Reizen Lauwers

Tim Lauwers

Reizen Lauwers is an all-round travel agency that started three generations ago as a touring coach company. The 35 touring coaches with which the company criss-crosses Europe are still central. The coaches are used for both classic travel packages and newly developed premium packages. Good insurance for the large fleet of vehicles is essential.

Together with his sisters, Tim Lauwers has been running the company for almost 20 years. He says Induver has been an insurance partner for as long as he can remember. In addition to the vehicle fleet, the buildings and staff are also insured through Induver.

‘We are in regular contact with Induver for our large fleet. Fortunately, we have so far been spared a major damage. On the other hand, minor damage occurs frequently. Manoeuvring with a large vehicle is not always easy. It is not unusual for a coach to hit a pole or a parked car. Very minor accidents during turning can also occur. A good policy with international coverage is fundamental for us. 70% of our claims take place abroad.’

‘We report a claim to Induver digitally. The response times are very short. The file will be started on the same day. Afterwards, we are proactively kept informed of further progress. I never have to push for feedback.’

‘The contact is always very smooth and correct. Our contacts have years of experience in our sector. Periodically, we sit with our Account Manager to see if everything is still up to date. Policies are adjusted or optimized where necessary.’

‘By the way, Induver does not just wait for our next meeting to take action’, Tim says. ‘When our sector was hit by the Corona crisis in early 2020, Induver took the initiative to negotiate a temporary suspension of some policies with insurance companies. The fact that we were able to discontinue the insurance for the inactive coaches offered some relief and demonstrated once again the proactive approach that Induver stands for.’

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