Jos Van Laer

Together with his sons Niels and Joris, Jos runs the Van Laer transport company. Specializing in bulk transport, they transport activated carbon to water treatment plants across Europe.

The transport of activated carbon – a chemical product – is subject to specific permits and insurance. A good insurance partner is not a luxury for Jos.

‘You should call them’, Jos’ wife said, when she found a letter from Induver on the doormat 10 years ago. He did, and that’s how Jos met Mathieu, his regular contact at Induver to this day.

‘He showed that he could put together a more economical package for us. With Induver’s GTP policy, I could set aside a bit.’

‘At first I didn’t quite believe him, but the convenience of the GTP policy convinced me. The policy that Induver has designed for the transport sector is very complete. CMR, third party civil liability, accidents, legal assistance, vehicle… everything is bundled in one package, and that’s convenient. As a transport company, you have to be covered on many fronts. All the more so if you transport a wide range of products like we do. In addition to activated carbon, we also transport food for Colruyt. I used to figure it all out myself. But putting together the whole puzzle every year takes time.’

Fortunately, Van Laer has been spared major accidents. They have not yet had to rely on Induver for that, but they have had various minor claims. Jos is particularly satisfied with the correct and quick handling of the files.

‘If something happens, Induver will always answer me the same day. Even in complex cases, they take immediate action. For example, the Walloon Region recently withdrew our licence to transport activated carbon through the region. They were not happy with a clause in the insurance contract. Our contact person intervened immediately by calling the attaché himself.  The same evening, I received a message that everything was back in order. With large companies, you receive an impersonal email, and you have to work things out for yourself. Induver works with us to find solutions. As a result, they really do act as an insurance partner.’

‘After ten years of insurance with Induver, I know that Mathieu was right about the price advantage. My wife and I have greatly appreciated that’, Jos smiles. ‘And yet, for me, it is above all the personal approach that matters. In the past 10 years, Induver has never left us out in the cold.’

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